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(T) NumPy in Detail

In my post previous there was some examples contained matrices or other data structures of higher dimensionality—just one-dimensional vectors. To understand how NumPy treats objects with dimensions greater than one, we need to develop at least a superficial understanding for the way NumPy is implemented. It is misleading to think of NumPy as a “matrix package for Python” (although it’s commonly used as such). I find it more helpful to think of NumPy as a wrapper and access layer for underlying C buffers. These buffers are contiguous blocks of C memory, which—by their nature—are one-dimensional data structures. All elements in those data structures must be of the same size, and we can specify almost any native C type (including C structs) as the type of the individual elements. The default type corresponds to a C double and that is what we use in the examples that follow, but keep in mind that other choices are possible. All operations that apply to the data overall are performed in C…

(T) NumPy in Action

The NumPy module provides effecient and convenient handling of large numerical arrays in Python. This module is used by many other libraries and projects and in this sense is a "base" technology. Let's look at some quick examples.
NumPy objects are of type ndarray. There are different ways of creating then. We can create an ndarray by:
Converting a Python listUsing a library function that returns a populated vectorReading data from a file directly into a NumPy object The listing that follows shows five different ways to create NumPy objects. First we create one by converting a Python list. Then we show two different factory routines that generate equally spaced grid points. These routines differ in how they interpret the provided boundary values: one routine includes both boundary values, and the other includes one and excludes the other. Next we create a vector filled with zeros and set each element in a loop. Finally, we read data from a text file. (I am showing only t…